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Movies & Million-Dollar Mansions, and Silents on the Islands

Way Back When in Santa Barbara -- July 2, 1918

WAY BACK WHEN - 100 Years Ago Today - On July 2, 1918, the order came from on high — i.e., the United States War Office, and was printed in the SB paper. “Work or Fight! … Every man who is within the draft must fight for the government or work for it. … Not only men within the draft age, but most of the younger and older men are complying with the government’s wishes and are now engaged in useful pursuits. The majority of them have gone to the farms and ranches or entered into some of the other pursuits … classed as essential.” (Image: Aces and Kings: Cartoons from the Des Moines Register, Jay N. Darling, 1918)

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