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Movies & Million-Dollar Mansions, Behind the Scenes at the "Flying A," Silents on the Islands, Way Back When: SB in 1924


Pig and Mary Miles Minter in a scene from Dulcie's Adventure. (Photo-Play Journal, April 1917)


A Pig Named "Mary"


Dateline: April 1917
"Flying A" ingenue star Mary Miles Minter liked to visit the pigs at a local farm owned by Farmer Jones. "'I can't say that Mr. Jones' baby pigs are mine . . . but I go out to see them every Sunday afternoon, so they sort of belong to me . . . This little pig's name is 'Mary' – named after me . . . Mrs. Jones said I might have it killed and have it for dinner after it had played with me, but I just couldn't bear to have it done." – Photo-Play Journal, April 1917


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