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Movies & Million-Dollar Mansions, Behind the Scenes at the "Flying A," Silents on the Islands, Way Back When: SB in 1924


Image: Crucifix of Destiny screenshot

A Complimentary Contribution!


Dateline – March 1920

The Pandora Productions studio of Los Angeles was making the silent film Crucifix of Destiny near the Santa Barbara Mission in 1920. An actor, dressed as a monk, "was given a handful of coppers by an old woman, who mistook him for the bona fide article." – Camera, March 20, 1920


A portion of this film is available for viewing online. Early scenes in the movie were filmed at the Mission and St. Anthony's Seminary, so it's a way to take a peek at that area 100+ years ago. (The final portion of the movie appears to be missing.) Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Tat4vwglsw

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