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Movies & Million-Dollar Mansions, and Silents on the Islands


Image: A scene from "The Ghost of the Hacienda." (Motography, September 20, 1913)

Overheard at the Hacienda


A major misunderstanding occurred during the filming of the "Flying A" silent movie, The Ghost of the Hacienda. A journalist, who was new in Santa Barbara, got excited when he heard a woman at the Casa de la Guerra saying, "They have shot out all the windows and now they are smashing in our door." The newspaper man thought he had found a front-page story, until he noticed a cameraman filming the scene.


"The making of the scenes at the old mansion attracted quite a crowd. There was shooting and a very sensational piece of work when the door was battered in. The ['Flying A'], however, provided its own windows and doors, all of which were completely demolished." – Reel Life, September 20, 1913

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