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Movies & Million-Dollar Mansions, and Silents on the Islands


Image: Exhibitors Trade Review, March 21, 1925

Bison Business

On March 1, 1925, the silent movie The Thundering Herd was released. Some sources say the bison on California's Santa Catalina Island are the result of filming for another movie titled The Vanishing American, but the documentation clearly points to The Thundering Herd as the source, including this item that was published at the time.

"Bisons as Screen Stars. Sixteen of the 86 surplus bison that were subtracted from the Yellowstone herd this season have gone to California to join the movies. The Yellowstone bison have often been filmed on their native heath, and during the present season performed a leading role in the production of The Thundering Herd. The contingent now bound for Hollywood will be active in completing this feature. When this has been completed, they will be released on Catalina Island." – News (Van Nuys, California), March 17, 1925

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