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Movies & Million-Dollar Mansions, and Silents on the Islands


Image: A scene from The Zaca Lake Mystery. (Motography, July 17, 1915)

A Wet and Soggy Experience


One of the reasons why filmmakers from the East came to California was the sunny weather. But every once in a while, it does rain in California. Remember? A group of "Flying A" actors and crew got rained out while filming the silent movie The Zaca Lake Mystery in Santa Barbara County  in 1915.


"Camp was pitched on the lakeshore. They were all ready to start work when the rain started to pour in torrents, and the wind blew so hard that the 'Flying A' camp was entirely wiped out. Fortunately, none were hurt during the storm, but the company did not remain to work on the picture. About a month later, when things had quieted down in the Zaca Lake district, they returned and staged the drama." – Billboard, July 10, 1915

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