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Movies & Million-Dollar Mansions, and Silents on the Islands


Image: Motion Picture Story Magazine, January 1913

Happy Birthdate, silent film actress Jessalyn Van Trump!

Jessalyn was born in Ohio on January 16, 1887. She made 80+ silent films between 1911 and 1928, more than 60 of these were made for the "Flying A" film studio in Santa Barbara. In 1912, she starred in The Law of God, which was filmed in Montecito. This was one of the seven silent movies filmed in Montecito that have a religious theme.

In the movie, Jessalyn is the daughter of a minister, and her boyfriend is an atheist. Hmm. Problem to be solved. (Spoiler alert – he eventually embraces religion and the girl.)

No copies are known to survive.

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