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Movies & Million-Dollar Mansions, and Silents on the Islands


Image: screenshot from Purity

Happy Birthdate, Nigel de Brulier!


August 8 marks the birthdate of actor Nigel de Brulier in 1877. He appeared in more than 100 silent and sound films. In 1916, he starred in Purity, filmed by the American Film Company ("Flying A") at several of the million-dollar mansions in Montecito, California. Copies of this film exist.


It was common for visitors to be allowed to watch the filming of silent movies in Montecito, but this was not case for Purity because many of the actresses were scantily clad. NO VISITORS ALLOWED, "It is only in the case of this picture that the usual liberal policy of the American ["Flying A"] with sightseers does not prevail." – Santa Barbara Morning Press, April 22, 1916


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