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Movies & Million-Dollar Mansions, Behind the Scenes at the "Flying A," Silents on the Islands, Way Back When: SB in 1924


Image: News (Chattanooga, Tennessee) May 18, 1918

Russian Actress Stars in Adventure Serial


The first episode of The Woman in the Web was released on April 8, 1918. Hedda Nova played the lead in this silent serial. A young European woman of noble birth is expected to marry a man in her class, but she loves an American man instead. Somehow, she gets involved in a series of dangerous missions and is helped along the way by the American.


Some of the 15 episodes were filmed on California's Santa Cruz Island. Amazingly, it snowed while the film company was there, and they were able to get some beautiful footage of this rare weather. Unfortunately, this is one of the many early films that did not survive.


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