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Movies & Million-Dollar Mansions, Behind the Scenes at the "Flying A," Silents on the Islands, Way Back When: SB in 1924


Image: Motion Picture News, December 18, 1915



California's Channel Islands were popular spots for mermaid movies. At least five movies filmed offshore involved mermaids. One of these was Undine, released on February 7, 1916. It was filmed on Santa Cruz and Santa Catalina Islands.


The film featured lots of mermaids exposing lots of feminine form. One reviewer suggested that Undressed would have been a better title. "Never in any film production to date has there been so much female loveliness with so little draping. In fact, there were entire stretches of the picture when the female loveliness wasn't draped at all." - Variety, February 1916



No known copies survive.

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