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Image: 1914 Model T, courtesy of Wikimedia

Rules of the Road, ver. 1916

A new year often brings new rules, and as 1915 was ending, there were dozens of new laws in Santa Barbara concerning cars, horses, and rules of the road that would come into effect in 1916. Here are a few highlights:

        All vehicles, whether motor or horse drawn, on public highways after dark [must] carry lights.

        Must have horn, bell, or whistle, and sound when necessary as a warning, and not at other times.

        Must use every reasonable precaution to prevent frightening of any horse, and shall slack speed and stop at signal of rider or driver of horse.

        Speed shall in no case exceed 30 miles per hour, or 20 miles an hour where the territory is closely built up, or 15 miles an hour in the business district.

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