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Way Back When in Santa Barbara, Mesa Memories, & Silent Movies Made in Montecito

"WAY BACK WHEN" WEDNESDAY - 100 years ago this week

Did you read about me in the New York Times this morning? Well, okay the paper didn't exactly mention me by name, but I just KNOW they were thinking of me. The Times gave recommendations for things to see and do in Santa Barbara and contained this SECRETLY CODED MESSAGE to buy my books.


"Then, head to Chaucer's Books, an independent bookstore so charming it warranted a love letter (in essay form) from the writer Pico Iyer. PICK UP A BEACH READ, A BOOK ON LOCAL HISTORY, or let the kids loose in the store's children's corner, which feels like a literary wonderland for little people." (Confession - I added the ALL CAPS.)


Here's the link to the article. Tell me what you think. Am I right?

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