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Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 1917

1917 was the year: A “scissors artist” showed his stuff, a pet monkey terrorized De la Vina Street, the city gained an alligator, the Central Library opened, Monarchs were discovered on the Mesa, women put on pants for the first time, two earthquakes shook things up, “Flying A” celebrated an anniversary, Lutah Maria Riggs won a scholarship, and the young men of Santa Barbara marched off to war. And much, much more. $9.95. Available at Santa Barbara bookstores, and at (see next line).

Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 1917


MESApedia is the first comprehensive history of Santa Barbara’s Mesa neighborhood, containing more than 400 entries and images, portraying life on the Mesa in the 1800s. Much of the information in the book is drawn from articles in Santa Barbara’s newspapers of the 1800s. Read all about the first mansion in the Santa Barbara area, the best telescope in Southern California, a famous clipper ship captain, jousting contests, and much, much more. $19.95. Available at Santa Barbara bookstores, and (see next line).


Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 1916

Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 1916 is the third in the series of books about the city’s history -- one year at a time. This was the year the Lockheeds set up their seaplane business, young ladies’ swimsuits caused a scandal, a “Flying A” stuntman drove a car over an abyss, a major crime occurred at the Potter Hotel, a “human fly” climbed a clock tower, mysterious whangdoodles sailed through the air, and much, much more. $9.95.

Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 1915

More tales of the wacky and weird events in SB taken from the local newspapers. The second book in the history of Santa Barbara -- one year at a time! Reviewers called Green’s Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 1914: “a fun read,” “Betsy tells it like it was,” “an easy-access snapshot of Santa Barbara 100 years ago.” 1915 was just as interesting, so Green is following up with a second book. $9.95 . Available at Santa Barbara bookstores, and at

Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 1914

Tales of everyday life in Santa Barbara 100 years ago, based on articles in local newspapers, told with wit and humor.
1914 was the year of: the tango, the 500-year flood, “tidal waves,” stunt pilots, Buffalo Bill, Poncho Villa, Sex at the Arlington Hotel, knee-length bathing suits, the war in Europe, an X-rated movie, Peter-the-movie-dog, Mule Man, Rattlesnake Jim, Flying “A” films, Martha Graham, German warships, Charlie Chaplin, and much more. $9.95. Available at Santa Barbara bookstores, and

Discovering the History of Your House and Your Neighborhood

"Homeowners embarking on the project of researching their house and neighborhood history will find Betsy Green’s book an excellent resource." --National Genealogical Society Quarterly

Every vintage home has an interesting story to tell. Yours is no exception. Elaborate Victorian mansions, cozy bungalows of the 1920s, and 1950's ranch-style homes -- all have a unique history. It's there waiting to be uncovered. This book is your first step on this journey of discovery. If only your walls could talk! What stories they could tell you?

Images of America: Western Springs, Illinois

Nearly 200 vintage photos document the village’s first century, including the early residents, their homes, schools, automobiles, churches, and everyday activities. Farming families from Germany and New York state were among the first settlers to trudge along the Native American trail -- now Ogden Avenue -- and build their homes on the fertile prairie land that became Western Springs, Illinois. Today, the village's limestone and brick water tower, built in 1892, still stands as the centerpiece for many village events and celebrations. This book brings to life the evolution of Western Springs from farming village to stately suburb. $21.99