Betsy J. Green

Author & Speaker

Discovering the History of Your House and Your Neighborhood

Create a Legacy That Will Enhance
the Emotional and Financial Value of Your House!

Every home has a story to tell! Whether you own an elaborate Victorian, cozy bungalow or cottage, ranch style, or are part of a newer subdivision, your house and property have a unique history that is just waiting to be uncovered.

Part treasure hunt and part jigsaw puzzle, researching the history of your house is a fascinating and rewarding experience. Discovering the History of Your House . . . and Your Neighborhood will show you how easy it is to create a cherished legacy for future generations to enjoy. You’ll learn about:

Discovering the architect who designed your house
Finding the original plans for your house
Re-creating long-lost woodwork, porches, even historic landscaping
Finding old photos of your house and neighborhood
Using old maps to learn about your neighborhood
Finding deeds for your house and land
Discovering your house on a postcard
Using vintage architectural magazines
Finding the original price of your house
Researching subdivisions and neighborhoods
Finding and contacting former owners of your house
Writing up your house history
Includes a state-by-state guide to resources


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"Could be a runaway bestseller!"
--Old-House Journal